Brumby to star in natural horsemanship tournament


Rascal, a brumby trained for the Australian Brumby Challenge, was the star of the natural horsemanship show at Henty last year. Another brumby will feature this year.

A brumby captured in the NSW Snowy Mountains will star in the natural horsemanship demonstration and tournaments held each day at the Henty Machinery Field Days.

The brumby roamed Mt Kosciusko and has been rehomed through the Victorian Brumby Association.

Professional horse development specialist and Parelli instructor Rachel Clarkson, Milawa, has been preparing the brumby since mid June for the 150-day Australian Brumby Challenge.

Ms Clarkson will use the Henty Machinery Field Days demonstrations and tournaments as a warm-up for the finals of the brumby challenge to be held in Melbourne at Equitana in mid November.

The other two horses at Henty will be a black Friesian from Ballarat and a white Arab from Sydney.

Senior horse development specialist and Parelli instructor Kaye Thomas will be back to MC the demonstrations and to explain how the cornerstones of horse behaviour works.

She will impart tips on how riders can better prepare their horses for everyday pursuits.

There will be free give-aways each day and chances to meet and talk with professional trainers on problem solving and horse behaviour.

“Training horses with a more natural approach that is applied to make it easy for any horse to gain trust, confidence and willingness, is becoming a more common sight these days thanks to US based cowboy Pat Parelli and his Australian wife Linda,’’ Ms Thomas said.

The Parelli program is a people-training program focusing on the study of horse behaviour and developing horsemanship skills for horse owners.

The demonstrations and tournaments will take place each day at Henty during the lunch break at the yard dog trial area.

They will feature three different horse and rider combinations. Each rider will have a target goal of completing a set challenge course with their horses both on the ground and then in the saddle.

“It won’t be the average tournament, as with anything with Parelli, the relationship with the horse and rider is what comes first,’’ Ms Thomas said.