Monster mother bin has paddock manoeuvrability

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Coolamon Chaser Bins has entered its newly unveiled 135 tonne mother bin in the Henty Machine of the Year.

One of the largest mother bins to grace the Henty Machinery Field Days has been entered in the Machine of the Year awards.

Coolamon Chaser Bins has entered the new 135 tonne mother bin, and its sheer size is bound to be an attention grabber.

The mother bin has front steer standard for ease of manoeuvring, hydraulic load sharing suspension, and flotation tyres rated at 10,190kg at 10km/ha or 16,350kg static.

Coolamon Chaser Bins has a strong record at the Henty Machinery Field Days, winning the coveted Tractor and Machinery Association of Australia award at the 2014 event with a robust, high capacity 50-tonne chaser bin.

The TMA award recognises the best new Australian designed and built agricultural machine and is judged by Henty Machinery Field Days directors.

Coolamon produce a range of 18 to 60 chaser tonne bins, with 85 tonnes on three axle rows up to 200 tonnes on eight axle rows in the mother bin range.

Features of the 135 tonne mother bin include heavy duty gearbox rated at 200hp at 1000rpm, roll-over tarp, hydraulic kicker chute, 40cm (16 inch) or 50cm (20 inch) delivery auger, heavy duty axles rated at 9000kg at 10km/h or 15,000kg static.

All mother bins can be moved when 50 per cent full thanks to a hydraulic load sharing suspension distributing even weight to wheels allowing accurate weight calculation.

Coolamon Chaser Bin’s Peter Munro said a rear steering option created an easy and tight turning circle, reducing damage to laneways and fields caused by dragging fixed wheels.

“The large flotation tyre footprint stays on top of the ground and makes the bin easier to pull avoiding damage to laneways and paddocks,’’ Mr Munro said.

“The solid roof design provides excellent weather protection while the design incorporates structural integrity through an integrated frame system, effectively reducing overall weight.’’

Mr Munro said the simple and effective drive system was designed to handle 1000 PTO with a duplex chain.

“The large dropper box enables the transfer of grain from the cross auger to delivery auger while the split length hydraulic internal shut off doors gives effective grain control,’’ he said.

“The folding auger linkage system allows precise movement near the end of stroke yet also rapid travel between work and transport positions.

“The rear door allows for easy access inside the bin and reduces safety risks.’’

Options include a rear steering system, full length hydraulic opening roof, brakes, weight scales, lift pack, camera pack and hydraulically operated full length auger clean out doors.