Indulge in a delicious pie named after the field days

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Beechworth baker and entrepreneur Tom O’Toole will be demonstrating at Farm Gate this year.

Visitors to the Farm Gate pavilion at Henty will be able to indulge their taste buds in the Henty Pie, named in honour of the field days.

Developed by Beechworth Bakery, the pie is a delicious blend of locally produced beef, mushroom and port and red wine from the organically certified and biodynamic Pennyweight Winery, Beechworth.

The Beechworth Bakery is now a mainstay of the Farm Gate Produce Market pavilion, serving more customers a day than its city cousin in Albury.

The Henty site has been dubbed the “honorary seventh Beechworth Bakery’’.

“The set up is bigger than the Albury store – we take with us several ovens, a prover, mixers, donut fryers, coffee machines, full display cabinet, decorating benches and even the vintage vehicles,’’ co-owner Marty Matassoni said.

“This allows us to produce a fresh product on demand.’’

Bakery founder and entrepreneur Tom O’Toole will entertain Farm Gate visitors with his banter and cooking skills on Wednesday, September 21 at noon and 3pm.

Staff come from both the Albury and Beechworth stores with six staff on at any one time.

“All our pies are made on-site by our staff at Beechworth with the meat sourced from the local butcher,’’ Marty said.

“They are transported fresh to Henty for the field day. The Henty Pie is a rich, flavoursome pie and is really popular.

“The reaction from Henty visitors has been huge in total – we’ve had massive support from all the exhibitors.

“We have seen the Farm Gate pavilion grow significantly since we have been there – we are selling a lot of product there.

“It is in fact, a mini Beechworth Bakery. We love going up there and we are getting better at it every year.’’

Marty said all cakes were made on site, including donuts, muffins, scones, vanilla slices and the popular beesting, along with sandwiches and rolls.

“We prove our beestings on site, cut them and fill with jam and an awesome custard in the middle,’’ he said.

“The weather usually dictates what the customer wants to buy so we can make product fresh on demand.’’

Marty said the bakery sold 1000 coffees a day in past years at Henty.

“Our three days trading at Henty is equivalent to five days at the Albury store,’’ he said.

“Because we have singled it down to a few products we do really well, we don’t need as many staff.

“At Beechworth, you will see 250 product lines but at Henty there is probably about 20 of the most popular products.

“We just try to keep it fresh and yum.’’