Hay lifter designed to make feeding out hay easy

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The DewEze Bolt-On Bale Bed comes with a lift bar and a maximum lift capacity of 997kg.

A hay lifter designed to roll out hay or silage round bales off the back of a ute is an entry in the Henty Machine of the Year Award.

Hendy Solutions, of Tocumwal, is the sole Australian importer of the US manufactured DewEze 660 Bolt-On Bale Bed.

Business owner Rob Hendy said the machine allowed for more flexibility and a better end result.

“The Bale Bed is a bolt-on attachment for the tray of any one tonne or one tonne plus ute,’’ Mr Hendy said.

The whole unit is self-contained and requires no hydraulic plumbing from the vehicle, and is controlled remotely from a hand piece.

He said the advantage of the Bale Bed was farmers could get into their vehicle and travel to the next paddock or down the road rather than having to take the tractor out.

“Once you get there, simply cut the wrap off the round roll and then lower it back onto the ground with the machine, then drive off with the vehicle and it unrolls.’’

Mr Hendy said the Bale Bed could also be used for other applications, such as rolling out mulch for tree boundaries and fencing wire.

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The DewEze Bolt-On Bale Bed is designed for one tonne utes.

The machine comes with a lift bar and a maximum lift capacity of 997kg, just under the maximum one tonne capacity.

“It allows you to be more versatile in lifting situations and saves your back,’’ Mr Hendy said.

Rob and wife Jenny exhibited the first Australian release of the Bale Bed at the Seymour Alternative Farming Expo.

Mr Hendy had researched the Bale Bed extensively and was impressed with the solidly built frame.

Designed and built by Harper Industries, the unit weighs 362kg.

Located in Kansas, USA, Harper Industries has celebrated 20 years of DewEze Bale Bed manufacturing, culminating in many thousands of units sold.

A representative of Harper will attend the Henty Machinery Field Days to answer all questions.