High power and working speeds with new Kuhn mower

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The Kuhn FC 10030 D mower is an entrant in the Henty Machine of the Year.

Contractors and farmers wanting a mower with high power, working speeds and road travel can check out the new Kuhn model, an entrant in the Henty Machine of the Year Award.

Entered by Kuhn Farm Machinery, the FC 10030 D mower combination has been developed to suit modern and future tractor capacities, and has a working width ranging from 9.5m to 9.9m.

The drive train and stress resistance of the OPTIDISC cutterbars meet the objectives of intensive work, with light and heavy forage at high mowing speeds.

Ground contouring is exceptional with the wide range of vertical and angular displacement.

For clean cut mowing, the 30cm cut overlap can be adjusted up to 50cm while driving, a real benefit for wide track tractors.

The rear mower units can be controlled from the cab to fold or unfold, lift simultaneously or individually left and right to change the ground pressure.

The conditioning rotor is equipped with steel pivoting fingers that adapt easily to different types of forage.

Rotor speed control is by lever and the operator can select a slow rotor speed for delicate crops or a faster speed for dense crops.

The conditioner drive shaft is protected on its shaft extension by a shear bolt. In the event of a foreign body passing through the machine or in the unlikely event of a crop overloading, the conditioner and gearbox are safe.

The KUHN front mower conditioners come with a compact frame offering improved visibility and high ground adaption.

The machines can oscillate left to right at an angle of up to 30 degrees and have a vertical travel range of 70cm.

They offer a quick release knife system, hydro pneumatic lift-control suspension, conditioner rotor with pivoting steel finger and two conditioning speeds.