Semi-automated bagger offers durability and innovation

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The Bag-it 30 has a durable powder coated frame for long lasting protection in corrosive environments.

A semi-automated bagger capable of handling organic and non-organic product will be on display at the field days.

The EZ Machinery Bag-It 30 Semi-Automated Bagger is Australian designed and manufactured by small family owned business EZ Machinery, of Brisbane.

The business has been designing innovative solutions for vegetation management and organic waste value adding sectors since 2001.

EZ Machinery prides itself on providing cost effective, quality solutions allowing clients to realise benefits in the field through operational cost reductions, quicker product turnaround and improved quality of finished product.

The semi-automated bagger has the capability to process a wide range of organic and non-organic product in solid and semi-solid states.

A heat sealer or stitcher is offered as standard equipment on every bagger.

The unit is also portable and has a range of options including fillers, mixers, weigh scales and material handling equipment.