Captivating performance in store for field day visitors

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A mobile acoustic ensemble from the Australian Army Band Kapooka will entertain field day visitors on opening day.

Henty Machinery Field Day visitors will be entertained by a mobile acoustic ensemble from the Australian Army Band Kapooka on opening day.

The musicians will perform at The Stump on Tuesday, September 20, at 10.30am as a prelude to the official opening and again during the lunch break.

Known as the “Pep” band, members will perform a wide range of popular songs in a highly energetic and captivating performance.

The Australian Army Band Kapooka was established in 1952 to support recruit training and remains its primary role.

Originally a brass band with 12 members, the unit has grown in reputation and now boasts a posted strength of 22 musicians performing on brass, woodwind and rhythm section instruments.

The Australian Army Band Kapooka breaks down into a marching band, stage band, rock band, jazz ensemble, brass and saxophone groups, and acoustic versions of the rock band.

This versatility means most genres of music can be performed and the band can cater for all musical tastes.

The full band is kept busy performing its primary role of supporting the Army Recruit Training Centre at march out parades and other functions within the Kapooka Military Area.

In addition to military and ceremonial roles, the band provides support to local and regional charitable organisations and communities in the Riverina.

In particular, the band performs a series of Music at Midday concerts in Wagga, the final concert in the annual Twilight by the Lagoon concert series and the Wagga Wagga Christmas Spectacular.

In 2009, the band was granted Freedom of Entry to the City of Wagga to commemorate 56 years of dedicated and distinguished service to the city and the Riverina.

This privilege is regarded as the highest compliment offered to a military unit by a civilian organisation or community.

The band has also represented Australia overseas on tours and deployments including Papua New Guinea in 1990, East Timor in 2000 and 2001, Bouganville and Japan in 2004, Japan, and Tonga in 2011.