Trailer mounted option now available for solar tracker

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 7.13.08 AMThe winner of the 2014 Bendigo Innovation award, the MagniSun Solar tracker, has been entered in the Henty Machine of the Year Award.

The newly modified twin-axis tracker automatically tracks the sun from east to west and adjusts to the sun’s elevation through the day using logic controller software.

It has a robust, galvanised frame certified to withstand winds up to 150km/h and provides a minimum of 40 per cent efficiency increase compared to fixed panels.

MagniSun trackers can be used and are compatible with batteries, water pumping, desalination, on grid or off-grid, hybrid solar installation or any combination of those.

A trailer mounted unit option can be moved to where grid energy is unavailable.

MagniSun provides a cost effective alternative to grid energy or fixed panels realising a prompt return on investment.

A 4.5 kW bore pump using $2000 of grid electricity a month could be run by three 2.5kW trackers at a cost of $27,000.

Taking into account the sun does not shine for 24 hours a day, the payback time would be two to three years.