Transfer tracks on chaser bins help with fuel efficiency

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The Haul Master chaser bin is fitted with the Elmers Transfer Track system which is transferrable to other implements.

Transfer tracks on chaser bins are proving a great tool to help with compaction, flotation, fuel efficiencies and easy towing in controlled traffic systems.

Waringa Distrbution, formerly known as Agrispread Australia, is the sole importer and distributor for the Elmers Haul Master chaser bins fitted with the Elmers Transfer Track system.

Waringa is owned by Western Australian farmers John and Kristen Warr, of Waringa Farming Co.

The farming operation gives an advantage of a grass roots understanding of having the right equipment, and an insight into the future for sustainable agriculture.

Elmer’s Manufacturing build the Haul Master chaser bins in sizes ranging from 25 to 55 tonnes.

The 25 to 34 tonne chaser bins have the option of tyres on the Elmers Transfer Track system, which is transferrable to other implements.

All Elmers chaser bins are on three metre wheel or track centres, have adjustable spouts, 22 inch unload augers, PTO, lighting package, roll tarps, full length clean out capability, optional wireless load cells and transfer or fixed tracks.

Waringa Distribution product development manager John Warr said the transfer tracks assisted with compaction, flotation, fuel efficiencies, easy towing and controlled traffic.

“The transfer from implement to implement is easier and less awkward than changing a tyre, as long as you have a forklift,’’ Mr Warr said.

“The Elmers Transfer Track will fit straight onto the hub of most air seeder boxes and will now also fit onto an Agrispreader spreader.

“At Waringa Farming, we have a couple of 34 tonne Elmers grain carts coming for this season fitted with a wireless load cell system to allow staff to track and log the grain leaving the paddock for the hour, day week or year.

“In February we will be fitting the transfer tracks to our AS150T Agrispreads for spreading of lime and pre-sowing fertilisers.

“We will then transfer the tracks onto our airseeder boxes for seeding before transferring them back to the Agrispread spreads for in-crop fertiliser applications.

“The Elmer Transfer Tracks will provide some great benefits to and fit in with our farming systems and are price justifiable due to the ability to use them all year round.’’

Elmers Manufacturing designs, develops and manufactures specialised agricultural equipment in the heart of the Manitoban Red River Valley in Canada.

The small farm business began in 1978, was incorporated in 1986 and has grown from building row crop cultivators to an extensive and diversified group of equipment lines for any sized farming operation.