Greater capacity and more options for cereal growers

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The XCV Series Stripper Heads offer increased performance and reduced fuel use.

Increased performance and reduced fuel use mean the new XCV range of strippers are really hitting the mark with grain growers.

Hutcheon & Pearce know growers need options and new Shelbourne XCV Series Stripper Heads fit the bill.

While stripper technology is not a new concept on Australian rice fields, Shelbourne saw a need to expand their range to accommodate the needs of the broadacre cereal grower.

After successful testing of the XCV Series in Australia, Hutcheon & Pearce welcomed the release of this new range of machines with features designed to enhance harvesting performance and reduce costs.

The new XCV range incorporates three widths, 9.6m, 10.8 and 12.6m, and all are equipped with a variable speed belt drive.

The new machines incorporate three stripping rotors with two equally spaced division plates.

This means the rotors are shorter and are able to run smoother with greater reliability.

A two piece auger is used on 9.6m and 12.6m models with a central joint. The central auger tube diameter has been reduced along with an increase in the flight depth to give greater capacity.

New features include a spring loaded pivoting adaptor plate system which, when coupled to the spring loaded gauge wheels, enables the wider headers to follow ground contours.

The new machines are all centre mounted and so are compatible with controlled traffic applications.

Hutcheon & Pearce general manager Bill Armstrong has been involved with the stripper header technology in Australia since the late 1980s.

Mr Armstrong said the new generation of machines designed for the cereal grower added a new dimension to an already successful harvesting system.

“The new XCV range of strippers has proven to be a valuable addition to harvesting technologies available in Australia,’’ he said.