Specialist irrigation advice from Water Dynamics at Henty

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Peter Kidgell and Richard Lloyd, of Water Dynamics, can design and supply from garden watering through to broadacre irrigation systems.

Irrigation designer Richard Lloyd can recall the days when irrigation systems were sold over a few beers at the Walbundrie Hotel on the way home from the Henty field days.

“Business and industry has changed with that style of sale now gone,’’ Mr Lloyd said.

He is the irrigation specialist for Water Dynamics at Yarrawonga, and has attended the field days for two decades.

Water Dynamics design and supply travelling irrigators, windmills, water storage tanks, submersible and borehole pumps through to large-scale pivot irrigators and subsurface drip systems.

The business offers a turn-key approach to their project delivery.

Water Dynamics is Australia’s leading T-L specialists and has the largest stock holdings in Australia with over $1 million of T-L spare parts available for prompt delivery from the company’s Sydney warehouse.

All sites have a comprehensive supply of back up spare parts.

T-L Centre Pivots are the only hydraulically powered centre pivot on the market.

Overseeing irrigation project design and sales, Richard Lloyd said hydraulic power was easy, simple technology growers were familiar with, and ensured the irrigator moved continuously at any speed.

He said variable rate irrigation was gaining in popularity, enabling growers to have more control over their irrigation systems.

“It is new, quite complex technology but it provides a simple way of turning water on and off in certain areas of the paddock,’’ he said.

“Water and energy efficiency drives most systems.

“A considerable number of clients are looking at adapting old style systems to variable rate irrigation by updating their pivot controls and adding variable frequency drives to their electric pumping stations.

“There are also options available for the diesel drive pump sets.

“T-L’s precision control three panel gives the operator the ability to add any one of the telemetry options.

“The PPC-3 has an encoder at the centre measuring degrees of movement or it can be operated from a GPS module at the end tower.’’

Mr Lloyd prefers the GPS module due to its ease of use. It has the ability to change water application speed for variant crops growing in the one circle.

“We need to ensure the grower has the water capability and then work out what the soil is capable of doing,’’ he said.

“If there is any difficulty in the way soil will take water, we advise the grower to enlist the help of an agronomist.

“Centre pivots will adapt to most places – we will advise a lateral irrigator for suitable paddock options.

“Lateral irrigators are very specific to the degrees of angle and conditions they can operate within.

“The hydraulic drive and continuous move T-L pivots will even walk in awkward hill climbing spots.

“There is a mathematical process of working out where they will and won’t go.’’

The maintenance services available at Water Dynamics include structure inspection, tyre pressure check, system alignment, hydraulic filter replacement, sprinkler and regulator inspection, controller firmware upgrade, electrical components inspection and driveline service.

Water Dynamics also provide pipe and riser flood systems, and micro or sprinkler irrigation for vineyards and golf courses.

The business has been an exhibitor at Henty for more than 20 years, originally under the name of YarraAg and Irrigation Supplies.

Retail sales manager Peter Kidgell said the field days were an opportunity to receive positive feedback, expose products and services, develop new customers and generate follow-up sales.

“We get a lot of clients from Yarrawonga seeking us out at Henty but we have also gained new clients from the Upper Murray and down to Echuca wanting pumps,’’ Mr Kidgell said.

“We cover everything from service, installation and supply of stock, domestic, horticulture and viticulture systems.

“Most stock and domestic systems are either bores or above ground but we don’t second guess – we have site assessments done and gather raw information to find what is best suited for the application.

“We are distributors for Davey, Grundfos, Onga and Mono centrifugal, high pressure, multi-stage, turbine and solar pumps.

“We do the design, specifications, supply the parts and can organise local subcontractors to do the installation.’’

On display at Henty this year will be irrigation systems from T-L, and pumps from Grundfos, Nelson, Onga and Mono.