New self-propelled sprayer ideal for tall flowering crops

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The addition of the adjustable hydraulic lift will enable large producers and contractors to use the Pantera to its full capabilities.

With a maximum ground clearance of 1.7 metres, the new AMAZONE Pantera 4502-H self-propelled spray is ideal for treating flowering canola, maize, sunflowers and vegetable crops.

It is one of several new machines to be displayed by CLAAS Harvest Centre at this Henty Machinery Field Days.

CLAAS Harvest Centre’s Geoff Anderson said the addition of several new features would enhance the flexibility of the high performance sprayer.

“The addition of the adjustable hydraulic lift will enable large producers and contractors to use the Pantera to its full capabilities,’’ Mr Anderson said.

“They can quickly adjust the machine to suit different crops and controlled traffic farming systems just by pressing a button.’’

The Pantera 4502-H features a 218hp Tier 3 engine, 4500 litre spray tank, Super-L2 booms from 24 to 40m, automatic hydro-pneumatic suspension, speed-regulated all-wheel steering system and electronic traction control.

All key driving operations, including speed, braking and steering mode, are controlled using a multi-function joystick.

“With the joystick pushed forward, the machine operates to the desired field or road speed up to 50km/h,’’ Mr Anderson said.

“The driver simply pulls the joystick back to engage the dual circuit hydraulic auxiliary braking system.

“In most cases, the foot brake is not required to reduce speed.’’

The joystick also controls the key spraying functions, including boom folding, tile and height, application rate, boundary nozzles, section and headland control.

The easy to use ISOBUS-compatible AMATRON 3 terminal automatically regulates the pre-set application rate.

At headlands, AMATRON 3 automatically switches the sprayer off, raises the boom and engages all-wheel steering.

Back in the crop, the steering reverts to two-wheel mode.

GPS switch section control and maps guidance systems are also available.

Pantera 4502-H can also be fitted with row sensing technology.

Sensor “fingers’’ located under the machine scan along the crop rows and control the automatic steering system to ensure the wheels stay within the crop rows.

“It takes a fairly high level of concentration to steer the lifted machine through crop rows, especially on long working days or when spraying on hilly terrain,’’ Mr Anderson said.

“The system prevents any damage to the crop and enables the driver to concentrate on the spraying operation.’’