Innovative fertiliser spreader a winner in Henty award

September 30, 2015

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Richard Hazelton was a runner-up in the Henty Machine of the Year Award with his Haze Ag fertiliser spreader.

A cost effective, innovative spreader offering operational and maintenance benefits was the runner-up in the prestigious 2015 Henty Machine of the Year.

The Haze Ag spreader was developed by Richard Hazelton, of Cudal, NSW, after many years of research and trials.

The Haze Ag spreaders are the only machines in Australia with variable sized cones and cast spinner blades with a curved back, allowing a controlled spread of up to 50m with no damage to product.

A total of 16 machines and equipment at the cutting edge of agricultural technology were showcased in the 2015 Henty Machine of the Year Award.

Announced on September 22, this “farmers choice’’ award is presented to the most outstanding new piece of agricultural machinery exhibited at the field days.

It was judged by an independent panel of regional primary producers and presented by the Minister Assisting the Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack.

Richard Hazelton has worked in the fertiliser industry since 1975 and exhibited at Henty for the past decade.

“I enjoy coming to Henty as the committee is very friendly and helpful – it is the same every year we come here,’’ he said.

“I was pleased to be a winner in the competition – it gives us good exposure with genuine inquiries.

“Interest is coming in the spreader from the grain, beef, wool and dairy industries.’’

Mr Hazelton sold his fertiliser spreading business 12 years ago to focus on farming and developing the Haze Ag spreader.

During his 40 years in the industry, Mr Hazelton discovered vast inconsistencies in spreading applications and found many problems within the design of the bins and spinners available on the market.

Constantly disappointed on how little innovation had been put back into the fertiliser industry, Mr Hazelton decided to develop his own spreader.

Haze Ag Spreaders feature variable sized cones, which affect the timing of the product as it leaves the disc, creating a block spread pattern, while the innovative hopper design reduces product build up inside the bin.

A Haze Ag spreader can spread anything from chicken and feedlot manure to urea and all granulated products without changing the discs.

It can throw urea a distance of 26m out either side of the machine.

“The spreader has done over 60,000ha of urea with most of the spreading being done on tram lines at 36m in windy conditions before rain,’’ Mr Hazelton said.

“The design of the cast iron spinner blades creates a negative pressure, drawing the product onto the disc before being thrown out, creating a controlled spread of up to 50m with little damage to the product.

“The one metre wide cleated belt and the special design of the cones and discs means Haze Ag Spreaders can spread a variety of fertilisers with greater efficiency and increased belt life.’’

The conveyor system has been designed with 18PVC class bed rollers and sealed bearings.

Head pulleys are rubber lagged with heavy 60mm shafts and bearings.

The tail pulley has left and right auger flight to remove any excess product from the belt.

Damien Kelly, of Agrimax, said buying a Haze Ag Spreader was a good decision.

“Not having to change the spinners for different products is a huge saving in time, and time is money,’’ Mr Kelly said.

“Being able to spread products like urea in windy conditions before rain is a huge advantage for myself and the farmer.

“The Haze Ag Spreader with its unique spinner design with variable sized cones is the best I’ve seen.’’