Rhonda Daly aims to reshape global farming practices

September 9, 2015

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Rhonda Daly, co-founder of YLAD Living Soils.

Rhonda Daly is commonly referred to as the “earth agent’’.

She is a woman of passion, purpose and dedication, and is on a crusade to disrupt the status quo, and reshape global farming practices.

In 2001, Rhonda found her purpose in life while suffering from a near-death experience caused by spinal meningitis triggered by toxic chemical poisoning.

Her diagnosis became the motivation to seek a new direction for ethical food production – one that is adept at aligning sustainability and economics.

In forging ahead as an advocate for change, Rhonda co-founded with her husband Bill, YLAD Living Soils in October 2002, and YLAD Living Compost in 2006.

The intention behind the business was to empower farmers with the knowledge to improve sustainability practices, ensuring soils became healthier requiring less synthetic fertilisers and chemicals.

“Given the quality of soil is the basis for the entire agricultural industry, I passionately believe without improving farming practices, human health and planet ecology will suffer,’’ Rhonda said.

She will speak at the Agri-Centre on Wednesday, September 23 at noon.

The essence of Rhonda’s topic is how individuals can take responsibility for their impact on the environment, make better decisions around farming practices and inspire others to do the same.