ASM helping farmers to access carbon abatement funds

September 9, 2015

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Greg Bender

Carbon may be a hot topic on the global scene but few decision makers understand the topic, according to soils consultant Greg Bender.

Dr Bender, director of Australian Soil Management, said the subject was often caught up in many agendas, political and otherwise.

He will be a guest speaker at the Henty Machinery Field Days Agri-Centre program, outlining the important facts about carbon landholders need to know and understand.

Dr Bender will also cover the urgent need for carbon in Australian agriculture.

“To regenerate soils, we need at least a one per cent increase, or 45 tonnes a hectare, in carbon across the 50 million hectares of managed farmland in Australia, or 2250 million tonnes of carbon,’’ he said.

“Recycled waste such as compost is an important part of the story.

“However, it is important to remember that for soil, it is the sum of the parts (soil management) rather than individual silver bullets that makes the difference.’’

Dr Bender has spent more than 30 years as a research manager, scientist, inventor and farmer.

His time has been divided between the public and private sectors.

In 2011, he co-founded Australian Soil Management Pty Ltd to work with land managers to capture carbon in soils to deliver economic, environmental and social benefits.

ASM provides the scientific and business tools to make this a reality.

The company’s farm clients were successful in being awarded contracts under the Federal Government’s first carbon abatement auction held in April this year.

ASM is working with farmers to access these funds to help offset the costs of building better soils for economic, environmental and social benefits.

Previously, Dr Bender has managed national research and development programs in soil health and plant breeding for the Grains Research and Development Corporation and Australian Wool Innovation.

Each program included diverse groups of public sector scientists, farm advisors, company representatives and farmers.

Dr Bender will speak at the Agri-Centre at 11.30am each day of the field days on the topic of “Building better soils to regenerate food and fibre production in Australia.’’