Tractor Talks gives voice to farmers around the globe

September 3, 2015

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Josh Gilbert has initiated a series of pod casts called Tractor Talks to share information on agriculture.

Tips and advice from “agricultural rock stars’’ from around the globe are being featured in a series of podcast interviews called Tractor Talks by social entrepreneur Josh Gilbert.

Josh, 23, is a fourth generation Braford breeder from the NSW mid north coast, and launched the podcasts to share the stories and practical tips of the top agricultural experts from around the world to enhance business productivity.

He encourages farmers to nominate their mentors, inspirational advisors or “agricultural rock stars’’ as interview subjects.

Josh will be among the guest speaker line-up at the Agri-Centre at the field days to outline the vision behind Tractor Talks.

He works as a consultant in the financial and legal industry in Sydney but runs Braford cattle with his parents on their stud, Riverside Park Brafords, at Nabiac.

Launched in May, Tractor Talks has been downloaded in more than 10 countries and was named as the Top 5 entrepreneurial ideas for climate change, agriculture and sustainability.

A podcast is a digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading to a computer or mobile phone.

The first podcast involved an interview with the 2014 Farmers of the Year, Derek and Kirrily Blomfield, with the second one focusing on award winning rural tourism business Honeycomb Valley.

Josh describes Tractor Talks as a medium for starting conversations on agriculture around the world.

“I plan to eventually make Tractor Talks into fortnightly podcasts – I basically sit down with the farmers with the microphone on the table and have a chat,’’ he said.

His underlying themes are celebrating an individual’s success in agriculture and how young people can get a start in the industry.

He said Tractor Talks enables the listener to take innovative ideas from around the world and apply them to their own business.

“Nine times out of 10, farmers learn from other farmers,’’ Josh said.

“Rather than listening to the radio in the tractor, they can be learn principles from Tractor Talks and apply them almost straight away in their business.’’