Ultisow offers narrow row spacing and seeding accuracy

August 28, 2015

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The Ultisow Narrow Fold offers accurate seed placement and has been entered in the Machine of the Year Award by Serafin Machinery.

A seeder with narrow row spacing and accurate seed placement has been developed by Serafin Machinery and is an entry in the Machine of the Year Award.

The Serafin Ultisow Narrow Fold single disc seeder has answered the call of the Australian dairy industry for a robust, versatile and manoeuvrable machine.

King Valley dairy farmer Scott Flannigan, of Greta South, purchased his 6m NF earlier this year and has already done 1821ha with it, mostly contracting to dairy farmers.

Mr Flannigan said the Ultisow Narrow Fold ticked the boxes for close row spacing, strength, reliability and ease of transport.

“I was able to sow over 4500 acres (1821ha) with it this year without laying a spanner on it,’’ he said.

“Previously I was only able to get 2500 acres out of my other disc machine before the discs were worn out. Now I expect to get over 6000 acres (2429ha) with its large single 50cm disc.

“This is the only machine I have ever used where I can leave a paddock and be completely satisfied with the result.

“The germination is the best I have seen and I am picking up more work because of it.’’

Serafin Machinery sales manager Rodney Dunn, of Griffith, said the Narrow Fold was quickly becoming a highly sought after machine for those wanting an excellent versatile seeder.

“With its working width of 5-7m, narrow transport width of 3m and row spacing down to 165mm, the NF is really proving itself to be the perfect combination for pasture as well as winter cereals,’’ Mr Dunn said.

“This year we have sold them into Victoria, Tasmania and NSW with more to come.

“We have a new NF Series 2 being released this year with some great improvements over the original frame.’’

Serafin Machinery will have the Ultisow Narrow Fold at Block N, site 572-573.