Self-contained 12-volt sprayer ideal for quad bikes and utes

August 28, 2015

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The VersiVolt is Australian designed and made for use on ATVs, UTVs and utes.

A self-contained 12 volt sprayer designed for use on quad bikes, utility vehicles and utes is an entry in this year’s Henty Machine of the Year Award.

The VersiVolt features a quality Seaflo 12V pump for trouble free operation and is manufactured by Graytill, at Wellington, in central western NSW.

Graytill principal Dave Grayling said safety and ease of use were the key features of the VersiVolt.

A large range of heavy duty tanks is available, from 100 to 800 litres.

The tanks feature integrated baffles and carry handles (excluding the 100 litre tank), and are easily secured with a ratchet strap.

“A handy sight glass is installed on the tank for accurate filling, and the drain plug makes for easy emptying and cleaning of tanks,’’ Mr Grayling said.

The Seaflo chemical pumps are rated for continuous duty, and are available in a range of flow rates and pressures from 7 LPM and 120psi up to 19 LPM and 80psi.

All pumps feature a suction filter to protect the pump from foreign materials, and larger models come standard with a pressure regulator for precise spray rate control.

The VersiVolt is available with either 6 metres of 10mm spray hose or a retractable reel.

The retractable reel features 20m of 10mm spray hose and provides for tangle free operation.

There are two spray guns available for the VersiVolt, a heavy duty spray lance or the Hydra spray gun.

The spray lance features a stainless steel shaft and adjustable brass nozzle, and is ideal for smaller pumps.

The Hydra spray gun is a professional spray gun, is lightweight and features an ergonomic grip, with adjustable spray pattern and ceramic nozzle.

All units include a wiring loom with an easy to access toggle switch. An inline fuse provides protection, while quick release plugs make removal from the vehicle easy.

An optional boomless jet kit is available, which simply clamps onto the tailgate of the vehicle.

The boomless jet features two nozzles, which spray between three and four metres each, for a total spray width of up to eight metres.

Nozzles can be turned off individually for fenceline and yard spraying.

The VersiVolt can be custom built with a large range of options to suit a range of applications.