Beulah enters two new-release machines for Henty award

August 28, 2015

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Beulah Machinery manager Travis Hengen with the Highline Rock Picker NT Series, an entry in the Henty Machine of the Year Award.

NSW southern slopes machinery dealer Beulah Machinery will be among the first businesses to have two entries for the prestigious 2015 Henty Machine of the Year Award.

The Canadian designed and manufactured Highline Rock Picker NT Series and the US made Pit Express, a stand alone drive-over pit, have been entered by Beulah Machinery, of Cowra.

Both machines have been launched on the Australian market this year and will be debuted at the field days.

Beulah Machinery manager Travis Hengen said the NT rock pickers were geared towards faster, more efficient rock picking.

He said two and of the three new designs from the NT Series would be imported by Beulah – the NT60 has a picking width of 1.5m while the NT78 has 2.0m width.

The NT Series rock pickers from Highline introduce a number of improvements over the older XL models including a redesigned hitch, which tucks the picker fully behind the tractor.

The NT has an extra strong perimeter frame, sweeping action on the reel to leave dirt in the paddock, bolt-on apron tynes for easier maintenance and high dump heights.

A guided reel makes picking more efficient while large diameter bogie wheels follow a special track to guide the reel arms parallel to the ground, giving over 30cm of positive raking action in front of the apron.

Rocks from 50 to 600mm are lifted clearly into the basket.

The apron tynes are hard surfaced and formed in a special wedge to prevent stubborn jammed rocks. Reel teeth are also hard faced for extended wear life.

Mr Hengen said Highline pickers were made to pick rocks and leave soil in the paddock.

The open grate design in the bucket allows any dirt collected to drop through to the ground.

The NT Series rock pickers dump rocks 2.1m high, giving plenty of height for loading a truck or trailer.

They also dump further back than other makes, allowing rock piles to be made higher and tighter.

Mr Hengen said the redesigned hitch moves the rock picker fully into view of the operator and out of the way behind the tractor, even with duals.

“Having the picker tuck to the true centre behind the tractor makes road transport a whole lot less stressful,’’ he said.

Highline rock pickers use a hydraulic motor to drive the reel, allowing tighter turns and is less jarring than PTO drive. The heavy duty gearbox eliminates the worry of chains breaking or wearing out, and the reel is easily reversed from the cab to clear jams.

“We sell quite a lot of these machines into the Armidale, Tamworth, Inverell area, and Queensland,’’ Mr Hengen said.

“The redesigned spring on the reel and the new hitch has interested a lot of people.’’

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Designed as a solution for fast unloading of trucks and trailers, the Pit Express comes in a 13 inch model and features a quick setup.

Mr Hengen said the second entry, the Pit Express, said the full 10 foot dump would increase unloading times, and no more scraping corners.

Designed as a solution for fast unloading of trucks and trailers, the Pit Express comes in a 13 inch model and features a quick setup.

Spring assisted ramps are standard, custom length discharge tubes are available and drive options can be hydraulic or electric.

Hydraulics raise and lower the main platform and adjustable tube height is standard.

Mr Hengen said the wheels were turned 90 degrees so it could be positioned alongside a bunker.

“The ramps fold up for transport and there is the option of a self-contained power pack,’’ he said.

Beulah Machinery was originally established by the Wright family on their Cowra district farm, Beulah, in 1996.

The business, now located on the Olympic Highway near Cowra, is an Eastern Australian distributor for Farm King equipment, Fabrication S. Houle, is a source of used Flexi-Coil air seeders and parts, and a dealer for Morris air seeders.

Farm King manufactures a range of swing away and conventional augers, grain vacuums, sprayers and grader blades.

Rock pickers, rakes and buckets are produced by Highline and Fabrication S. Houle, while the Morris range includes the 2013 Henty Machine of the Year, the RAZR disc drill.

Mr Hengen said field day visitors would be able to inspect augers, landlevellers, rock pickers, rock buckets and drive-overs on the Beulah site.

He said field days remained important for the business as customers may do their research on-line but still wanted to see the machine first-hand.

Mr Hengen said widespread rain across the southern cropping regions had resulted in strong inquiry for augers.