Motor racing simulator to takes visitors around Mt Panorama

August 25, 2015

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The motor racing simulator will give field day visitors the ride of their life.

Buckle yourself in and be prepared for the ride of your life around the track at Mt Panorama in the advanced motor racing simulator at Henty this year.

The motion simulator is great fun for all ages and allows field day visitors to experience what it is like to drive a V8 racecar around the famous Bathurst race track.

Phil Durkin, of Australian Ultimate Attractions, said each experience lasts around four minutes and there are a host of other racetracks to choose from.

“Simply enter the motion capsule, take a seat and the doors close,’’ Mr Durkin said.

“The giant screen comes to life and the capsule moves and bucks, the sound system brings the noise to life. You feel like you are really in the car.

“We also have a wide range of adventures for children so just ask the operator for your pick of movies.’’

The cost is $10 a person (subsequent rides are $5) and the simulator will be located in 3rd Farm Avenue, opposite the Farm Gate Market Produce pavilion.