Captivating performance in store for field day visitors

August 15, 2015

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A mobile acoustic ensemble will entertain field day visitors at The Stump on opening day.

Henty Machinery Field Day visitors will be entertained by a mobile acoustic ensemble from the Australian Army Band Kapooka.

The musicians will perform at The Stump on Tuesday, September 22, at 10.30am as a prelude to the official opening and again during the lunch break.

The “Pep’’ band will perform a wide range of popular songs in a highly energetic and captivating performance.

The Australian Army Band Kapooka was established in 1952 to support recruit training, a role which is still the main reason for its existence.

Band members are equally at home in the concert hall as they are on the parade ground and travel extensively within the Riverina.

They are regulars at many regional jazz festivals and many of the band’s members have recently represented the band on the international stage with performances at military tattoos in Switzerland and Japan, and commemorative services in Northern France and Gallipoli.

The band has performed with some of Australia’s biggest names in entertainment including James Morrison, Marina Prior, Guy Sebastian, Rhonda Burchmore and Hugh Jackman.

As well as featuring marching and stage bands, other ensembles include a rock band, jazz, brass and saxophone ensembles.