Robust Airwell pumps able to handle high grit loads

August 19, 2015

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Riverina farmer and pump specialist Bob McCormack will be at Henty with his range of Airwell and Franklin pumps.

Riverina farmer Bob McCormack has been a familiar face at Henty for 20 years in the farm innovator competitions and with his pump business.

Bob and his wife Carolyn run West End Water along with a cropping and livestock enterprise at Marrar, with sons Robert and Dermot.

Bob took on the Airwell pump agency for NSW, northern Victoria and southern Queensland about 15 years ago after years of servicing windmill and submersible pumps.

Airwell’s air operated pumping system can reliably handle high grit and corrosive fluids and solids.

They have low to high flow capabilities, the ability to adjust to varying bore yields and can self-regulate without damage to the pump or bore.

Airwell pumps can operate up to 15km away from power, are simple to install and operate, and can be integrated with other pump systems.

Airwell also offer a wide range of alternate pumps including electric submersibles for applications.

“I had done a lot of pump installation and repair work for people and I was looking for a pump which was able to handle grit and iron oxide bacteria, was automated and could work at a distance from the bore,’’ Mr McCormack said.

“I was impressed with the quality and versatility of the Airwell pumps. At that stage, solar was relatively undeveloped and there was not a big demand for underground water.

“In the last four years, demand has increased for solar pumps and the Franklin technology has excelled itself.’’

Mr McCormack will be at Henty this year with Airwell pumps and Franklin submersible and solar pumps.

He specialises in pump troubleshooting such as retrieval, bore cleaning and testing, general pipe work and re-roofing old concrete water tanks.

West End Water carries a full range of spare parts plus a good supply of new pumps, including floating dam and river pumps.

The business regularly attends field days at Henty, Elmore, Orange and Hamilton, displaying working pumps.

Airwell Group has launched a portable bubbler tube monitoring system, which can be used to take liquid level readings in ground water wells, sumps and ponds to a maximum of 200m of submergence.

This equipment allows the user to take liquid level readings without the need for expensive pressure transducer equipment while still providing accurate results.

The monitoring system is made up of high accuracy WIKA precision digital pressure gauge mounted inside a rigid pelican case.

The system then connects via Nitto quick connect fitting onto the compressed air source, such as a 4WD compressor, existing air supply or even a compressed air cylinder.

The other end of the system connects onto the installed bubbler tube down the well.

Airwell normally use a small diameter poly pipe but any form of pipe or tubing down the well can be used.

The digital gauge will then give a read out in metres accurate to within 0.05 per cent.

The advantages of the bubbler tube set up are:

  • No need for expensive pressure transducers
  • Bubbler tubes work in all types of fluid applications
  • Monitoring gauge is accurate to within 0.05 per cent
  • Bubbler Tube readings are easy to take and record
  • Use of compressed air means now need for electrical power to well sites
  • One system can be used to monitor multiple wells on multiple sites if required

This method of liquid level monitoring is also highly suited to being permanently installed at a site to provide constant monitoring if required. With the addition of SCADA Telemetry to the system, allows for remote monitoring and logging of the liquid levels from multiple sites and reported to a central location.