Heavy duty River King cattle crush to go on show at Henty

August 14, 2015

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Terry Rosewarne with Red River’s Red Steer cattle crush which features a full vet facility, heavy duty collar bars and split side gates.

One of the most robust cattle crushes on the market will be on display at this year’s Henty Machinery Field Days from Red River Stockyards.

The livestock handling equipment company, with offices at Tamworth and Shepparton, has been a regular exhibitor at the Henty Machinery Field Days for nine years.

The Australian owned and operated business is run by the Lynch family, of Tamworth, and produces cattle, sheep and horse yards, round yards and arenas.

Input from experienced cattle producers has been used to develop the livestock handling systems to create a safe, low stress and efficient working environment.

The cattle yards range from economy sized to a capacity of more than 300 head and any design can be customised.

Red River sales manager Steve Dellow said the company showcased products at more than 20 field days nationwide from February to November.

Red River’s new flagship cattle crush, the River King, features a V-sided parallel squeeze, super heavy duty vet gates and fully sheeted auto locking rear slide gate, and a robust heavy frame.

It has large needle access gates on both sides with an easy-to-use thumb catch, heavy duty headbail mechanism, checker plate floor and a flush mounted heavy duty chin bar.

A rump bar is incorporated into the split gate and the crush has a double locking Bisalloy mechanism. All components are galvanised and the whole crush painted for extra protection.

Red River’s crushes range from a basic head bail, through to the Red Diamond, a parallel side squeeze crush with rump bar.

Other crushes in the range are the standard non-vet Red Horn and the popular Red Star Vet crush.

All crushes feature front and rear operation and a chin bar.

Sales representative Terry Rosewarne said the head bails used a ratchet system called a Bisalloy locking system.

“The head bail locks at the top and bottom so if you have an animal that throws it’s head around, it can’t pop the gates at the bottom,’’ Mr Rosewarne said.

“They all come standard with a chin bar but can have options of a rump squeeze, baulk gate, rump bar, weigh floor or crush hook.

“The G Force forcing pen is our popular anti-backing gate for pushing cattle into the race and has an automatic lock so cattle can only travel in one direction.

“It is fully sheeted, encouraging cattle flow, and is built for operator safety.’’

Red River is also the specialist when it comes to round yards, roping and campdraft arenas.

All Red River sheep and cattle panels are six oval rail and feature a round post to keep the gap between panels at a minimum with fully welded caps and feet.

The round posts provide the highest safety for rider and animal, reducing potential bruising.

The roundyard or bronco gates feature a high 2.75m frame to enable a mounted rider to pass under safely.

“All sheep and cattle panels are robot welded to give a clean finish all around the rail,’’ Mr Rosewarne said.

He said Red River takes care of yard construction upon delivery.

Extras for cattle yards include slide gates with automatic locking system, race bows, step-through personal access gate, non-slip race walkway, sheeted panels, calf cradles and races.

Loading ramps range from 3m to 5m in length, are adjustable from box trailer to semi trailer height, have removable bows, optional walkways and high sheeted sides.

“Our flagship loading ramp, the Loadmaster, is for trucks only and has a fixed height landing on the front with walkway and stairs,’’ Mr Rosewarne said.

“It has split gates so the operator can stop the cattle coming off the truck or up the ramp.’’

Red River provides a full design and quoting service for all yards.

Sheep yard options include an adjustable vee race, three-way draft, raised floor drench race, drop down race panels, double hinge and slam gates, a one piece bugle panel, overhead gate operation, sheeted panels and tumble gates.

All sheep yard panels and gates are six rail, 1100mm high with a heavy top rail.

The yards can be custom designed or incorporated into existing cattle or sheep yards.

Red River also provides dog runs, with each panel measuring 1.8m high and 1.5m wide, and three or five piece hay feeders for round or square bales.