50 tonne Crop Carrier impresses judges in TMA award

September 29, 2014

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Henty Machine of the Year chairman Matt Bergmeier presents the TMA Award to Bruce Hutcheon, Coolamon, for his 50-tonne chaser bin.

A robust, high capacity 50-tonne chaser bin from the Riverina’s Coolamon Steelworks has taken out the coveted Tractor and Machinery Association of Australia award at the Henty Machinery Field Days.

The TMA award recognises the best new Australian designed and built agricultural machine and is judged by Henty Machinery Field Days directors.

It was presented by TMA chief executive officer Richard Lewis and Henty Machine of the Year chairman Matt Bergmeier to Coolamon Steelworks principal Bruce Hutcheon on Thursday.

Mr Bergmeier said the build quality, steering axle design and suspension impressed judges.

Designed over the past 18 months, the 50 tonne Crop Carrier is 3.5m wide and 3.9m high, and features adjustable height delivery chute, eye level sight glass, weigh scales, hydraulic shut off and full length clean out drop doors.

The simple two bolt change-over gives the option to use the bin on different tractors.

“The chaser bin is fully suspended hydraulically with front and rear self-steering axle system, it’s strongly built and is smooth over the ground to avoid soil compaction,’’ Mr Hutcheon said.

“We build a range of 18, 24, 30 and 36 tonnes, and now have the 50-tonne bin.’’

Mr Hutcheon said two 50-tonne bins had been sold into the Albury and Berrigan districts.

“It will be a bin suitable for the whole of Australia- people think big and it’s got to go into the big northern areas but that’s not necessarily correct,’’ he said.

“There are larger farmers in southern Australia buying this type of bin now.

“It has a drawn a crowd to our stand – every time I look up there is people crawling all over it and the comments we are getting are fantastic.

“We’ve had a very good season with our chaser bins this year and have been sold out since the end of July.’’

Mr Hutcheon said the TMA award was a first for the company at Henty, despite a long association with the field days.

“I can remember as a young boy when the field days were out the Albury road, and what the committee has achieved today is a credit to them,’’ he said.