Pitstop and Others 047 croppedHealth check station uncovers un-roadworthy males

Health checks at last year’s Henty Machinery Field Days revealed an astounding 71 per cent of men were classified as “un-roadworthy”.

A men’s health promotion known as Pitstop was conducted by Murrumbidgee and Hume Medicare Local staff over the 2011 three day event.

Many health issues were discussed and men were encouraged to follow up with their local doctor, according to accredited exercise physiologist Sarah Duke.

Research shows that men are 20 per cent less likely than women to visit their doctor. “Pitstop brings men’s health to the Henty Machinery Field Days to encourage men to face health head on, and be informed of their health status,’’ Ms Duke said.

The program is based on a mechanical theme and encourages men to care for their bodies as they would a vehicle. It provides men of all ages the opportunity to travel through a variety of “mechanical’’ health check stations, including:

  • oil (cholesterol and blood pressure)
  • chassis (waist measurement and diabetes risk)
  • fuel additives (alcohol)
  • spark plugs (prostrate/testicular health)
  • duco (skin)
  • exhaust (smoking/asthma)
  • shock absorbers (mental health)

Ms Duke said participants were advised of their test results at each individual station, and then reviewed by a doctor. The doctor deems the participant “roadworthy’’ or “un-roadworthy’’, and encourages a follow up with their regular doctor.

Ms Duke said the Pitstop team would be attending this year’s Henty Machinery Field Days.

She said Pitstop was just one program used by Medicare Locals to address health care concerns in rural communities.

Pitstop is at 4th Farm Avenue, site 299, in the NSW DPI shed.