Find farm fare at Henty’s Farm Gate Produce Market

Crowleys-hot-sauce web 5318 edited-1Visitors will have the opportunity to learn, taste, touch, smell and experience the region’s finest food and wine first hand at Henty’s Farm Gate Produce Market pavilion.

Featuring around 30 regional exhibitors, the pavilion is located on the southern edge of the Henty Machinery Field Day site, and will host cooking demonstrations and talks by food and wine presenters.

These will include Masterchefs Jimmy Servaai and Courtney Roulston, and Beechworth baker and life coach Tom O’Toole.

Adding to the atmosphere will be the Voices@Henty talent discovery quest plus Danny Phegan and his Shortreach trio, and Wagga Wagga duo Hey Diddle Fiddle on the Farm Gate stage.

Celebrating 50 years on September 17-19, the field days is now southern Australia’s single biggest agricultural and open-air event.

This year, more than 800 exhibitors will showcase their products on 1200 sites to 60,000 field day visitors.

Henty’s Farm Gate co-ordinator Jason Crowley, of Wagga Wagga, is excited about taking part in an event which celebrates a passion for the land and its produce.

Mr Crowley showcased his range of chilli sauces for the first time at last year’s Farm Gate Produce Market.

“While the field days are all about the tractors, scrapers and big cultivators, it’s also about the produce that comes from the hard work of the farmers, their families and their machines,’’ Mr Crowley said.

Ranging from bread, farmhouse cheese and wine to preserves, smallgoods, berries, beef, Danish pastries, cupcakes and cider, the market caters for produce primarily grown in southern NSW and Victoria’s North East.

Mr Crowley said a core philosophy of Farm Gate was giving consumers direct access to farmers and their value-added products. He said producers were passionate about their product and loved to hear feedback.

“There are so many parts to the journey from farm gate to plate, and there’s always something to learn,’’ he said.

“For us, in southern NSW, we’re lucky to be so close to many of those farm gates, but we also want to share, and develop an economy that welcomes visitors to our region from all over Australia so we can showcase our produce.

“I’m excited to be not only exhibiting at Henty but also networking with like minded people, educating those who want to know more and entertaining with a few cooking demonstrations in the Farm Gate pavilion.’’

Mr Crowley urged those who had never visited Henty to be prepared for a sensory experience.

“Take a day, maybe even the whole three and make the time to come, learn, taste, touch, smell and experience Henty as it is in 2013, and ensure events like this continue for another 50 plus years,’’ he said.