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Exhibitor Information

Click image to download 2017 Prospectus. (Please note that file is 3.5MB)

Click image to download 2017 Application Form for outside sites.

Click image to download 2017 Country Lifestyle Pavilion Application Form.

Click image to download 2017 Application form for Farm Gate Produce Area.

Click on image to download the tender application form for Commercial Food & Coffee Vendors.


Please ensure you have read and agree to the terms and conditions for participation at the Henty Machinery Field Days. Terms and conditions are contained in the application forms or are available from the office.  Once complete please fax, email or post the appropriate application to us. Please ensure you have included any attachments requested by HMFD.

DID YOU EXHIBIT IN 2016? Information will be forwarded to you mid-late February.

The deadline for applications from exhibitors who attended in 2016 is 30 April, 2017. You must advise HMFD of your intention to participate in 2017 by this date. Payment must be received in full by this date. If no application has been received by this date the site you occupied in 2016 may not be available.

Applications from 2016 exhibitors lodged and paid in full by 30 April 2017 will receive a 3% discount on the site fees only. (This discount does not apply to new exhibitors).

NEW EXHIBITORS: Are you applying to attend Henty Machinery Field Days for the first time?

New exhibitors need to submit the appropriate application form for either an outdoor site, the Farm Gate Produce Area (indoor) or the Taylor Wood Pavilion (Country Lifestyle – indoors).

A deposit of $150 must accompany your application form. Your application will only be placed on the waiting list if payment of this deposit has been received in full.

Once a site has been allocated, new exhibitors will receive a letter of confirmation and a tax invoice for the remainder of fees. Allocations from the waiting list will not commence until after 30 June 2017.

Commercial Food & Coffee Vendors: All coffee vendors and some commercial food vendors are now required to tender for site positions.  Information is now available for download, please see the link above.


Site allocations will be at the sole discretion of HMFD and can be changed at any time. HMFD will endeavour to accommodate the needs of all exhibitors.

Application for a site does not guarantee your acceptance.  HMFD reserves the right to accept or refuse any application.  Every effort is made to mark out sites accurately, but if there is confusion regarding the size or location of your site contact the office prior to setting up.  Please ensure that the site size you have selected will accommodate your exhibit. Eg: DO NOT select a site with a 5 metre front and expect to erect a tent with a 6 metre front. You will be asked to alter/move your exhibit to fit within your site boundaries.


The official program will be published by The Border Mail. This is distributed prior to the field days through the Border Mail and the Rural News and at the gate during the field days.

The program also features the site map and includes an alphabetical and categorical listing of all exhibitors registered at the time of deadline (see earlier information regarding site bookings deadlines).

Our other official media partner is WIN Television, which offer an advertising package using the HMFD jingle.

Non-official HMFD programs and guides are also published by The Land, The Weekly Times, The Rural, The Southern Weekly, Stock and Land, the North East Farmer and the Eastern Riverina Chronicle.

HMFD support their endeavours in this.

We suggest you include your site location in any advertising. Our logo is also available for your use in promoting the field days.

Email us at for a logo.

The HMFD office distributes a media pack to all print, radio, television and digital media leading up to the event.

To have a media release or photos included in this pack, please send the material to by early July.

If you wish to use the jingle in your electronic advertising, most radio and television stations should have it on file or contact us at

If you receive any invitations via mail, email or fax for non-endorsed official guides or event programs please let us know and, if they are requesting money, report them to the Department of Fair Trading.


The airstrip is now closed. 

Holbrook Airfield is available and the contact numbers are 0401 838 521 or Brian Gabriel on 02 6036 2601.

There will be a bus service direct from Holbrook Airfield to the Field days a.m. and return to Holbrook in the p.m.  (Approx 20 minutes by road.)


Sites are held for previous site holders up until April 30, 2017. Following that date, vacant sites are available for booking by any exhibitor at the discretion of the organisers of HMFD.

HMFD also has the right to allocate sites as it determines and we will do our best to accommodate the needs of all exhibitors.

Application for a site does not guarantee acceptance to HMFD and HMFD reserves the right to approve all site applications.

Every effort is made to mark out sites accurately, but if there is any confusion regarding the size or location of your site please contact the office.


Announcements can be made on behalf of exhibitors over the PA system during the field days.

To do this please write out the announcement and drop it at the broadcast van, in the central area across from the office, or email it to prior to the event.


HMFD is staged regardless of the weather (excepting extreme weather events such as flooding).

In wet weather we make every effort to ensure site access, with extra gravel and bark chip and improved drainage.

We ask you to make sure your site is secure and unsecured items are placed inside tents or sheds at the end of each day in the case of bad weather overnight.


Banking facilites are available at the bank on site 547, corner Main Road.  There will be ATM’s on site in locations to be advised.

EFTPOS is available on the general admission gates.


Bark chip is available at cost for use on your site. Bark chip can be ordered on your application form.

Bark orders must be received no later than Friday September 8, 2017. This allows our staff to ensure availability and delivery on time for your set up.

Bark chip will not be provided in wet conditions for the blocking of drains.


On site camping is permitted for siteholders only and they must stay on their allocated site.

However, facilities are basic and anyone camping must seek camping permission and have an endorsed authorisation from the HMFD office.  This authorisation will be in the form of an armband.  This armband must be displayed for security purposes each night during the field days.

Toilet and shower facilities used by campers must be left clean and tidy and camping facilities must not be visible to visitors.


Exhibitors must advise of their cancellation in writing to HMFD. Cancellations received 90-61 days prior to the field days will attract a cancellation fee of 25%; cancellations received 60-31 days prior to the field days will attract a cancellation fee of 50%; cancellations recieved with the 30 days prior to the field days will attract a cancellation fee of 100% of the site fee.


HMFD does not allow extra passes above the amount granted for your site booking size.

The movement and parking of cars on site is prohibited between 10am and 5pm during the operation of the field days.

The entry gates to vehicles will be locked at 10am in the interest of safety and will not reopen until 5pm.

If you need to leave the site earlier please park in the public carparks located on the east and west sides of the site and also on the old airstrip.

Car passes must be displayed at all times and a car pass does not mean automatic entry to the field days – exhibitor passes must still be presented and redeemed at the gate.

There is plenty of public car parking in the eastern and western car parks. The speed limit on site is 10 kilometres per hour.



HMFD reserves the right to remove vehicles used for advertising purposes, without official authority, from the car park areas.


The HMFD board must approve all demonstrations on sites prior to the field days. Please be aware of issues with dust, noise and safety during these demonstrations and be courteous to nearby site holders.

HMFD has the right to refuse any demonstration and some aerial or high risk demonstrations will not be permitted.


Exhibitors are encouraged to make their sites look appealing and enticing, however exhibitors are responsible for making sure all materials are secured correctly and safely and do not disturb the movement of traffic.

HMFD management reserves the right to remove any exhibit or item they feel may bring HMFD into disrepute.

All exhibits must come under the theme of agricultural, country lifestyle or farm production.


No dogs are allowed on site, except for working dogs who are competing or as part of a siteholder display and guide or medical aid dogs.


In the event of an emergency please contact the head office on 02 69293305 and 000.

St John’s Ambulance Service operates on site at a location behind the main office during the opening hours of the event.

After hours, please contact 000 prior to contacting the office.

Some members of staff and HMFD co-operative members are trained in first aid and emergency procedures.

In case of a large scale emergency the assembly area is at the two public exit gates (eastern and western ends of the site).


The lighting of fires is not permitted on sites. The only exceptions are demonstration of heaters or barbecues etc and prior consent from HMFD must be granted (and will depend on fire danger periods and Rural Fire Service advice).

In the case of a fire please contact 000 and the HMFD office.


There is a range of food available at community run and commercial outlets during the three days.

On the Monday prior to the field days and the Friday following, food is available at some of the outlets and in the weeks leading up a mobile food van is present.

Exhibitors are not permitted to sell food from their sites without HMFD authorisation. Exhibitors are not permitted to issue meals to the public from their sites. Light refreshments only may be provided to the public.

All food sites must meet food handling and safety requirements and need to register with Food Standards Australia as a temporary food event this can be done at

Meals are served each night on site at the Dog and Whistle Bistro, on site, and in Henty at the Henty Community Club.


Please be aware of neighbouring sites when carrying out demonstrations or using microphones or loud speakers on your site.

Microphones are not permitted in the Taylor Wood Pavilion.


Your site must be staffed and operating for the hours of 8.00am to 5pm on Tuesday, September 19, Wednesday, September 20 and Thursday, September 21 2017.

Failure to operate in these hours could result in you being asked to leave the site. Sites are to be in operation until 5pm on Thursday and exhibitors who pack up earlier then this will not be invited back.


If you require catering to your site such as sandwich platters, morning or afternoon teas etc please contact the field days office for a list of suitable caterers.

There is an onsite caterer at the Dog and Whistle Bistro or this can be arranged from a local business or community group.


Community groups operate a parcel pick-up service which collects purchased goods from your site and delivers them to a depot at either the east or west car park for pick up by the customer prior to leaving the site.

You will be given parcel pick-up forms, and the customer is to take their copy to the central booking office (located in the centre of the site) to organise pick up. The clearer the information and the more you provide on your sheet, the easier the collection process.


The pass allocations are according to site size as per the registration form.

Passes must be redeemed at the gate or in the exhibitor car entrance.

The passes will be posted to you approximately one month prior to the field days.  Passes will only be held at the office by special arrangement.

If you require extra passes they are available for purchase to exhibitors at a discount rate prior to HMFD via the HMFD office or through nomination in your application form.


Written permission from the HMFD Co-operative Ltd must be obtained before any permanent structure, including permanent signs, can be erected and they must comply with specific ordinances and be approved by the Greater Hume Shire Council prior to construction.



There are 10amp and 15amp power outlets available to most sites.  A limited number of 3-phase outlets are available.  All power outlets are located within 30 metres of most sites.  It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to provide a single length 30 metre heavy duty/industrial lead to be used from the power outlet to the exhibitor’s location.

Exhibitors must only use and operate approved portable power boards with residual current device (RCD) earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) protection when drawing electricity from the HMFD supply grid.

All leads and electrical equipment are required to have current “test and tag” certification.  The HMFD site electrician will be available to Test & Tag leads and equipment (at cost) prior to the commencement of the field days.  Please phone 0428 690564 to make arrangements.

In the interests of public safety, HMFD reserves the right to remove any electrical equipment or electrical leads that do not meet “Test & Tag” requirements.  This may impact on your ability to commence your participation at the field days from 8am Tuesday.  HMFD will not be liable for any damage to your stock/equipment as a result of electrical equipment and leads not meeting “test and tag” requirements.

Exhibitors and their contractors need to be aware of underground cables.  Please check with HMFD management before digging or driving posts into the ground.  Any persons damaging power cables will be liable for the cost of repairs.

Placement of some exhibits may be governed by power requirements.  If you are not sure of your requirements please contact your electrician.  If your power requirements are not detailed on your application and they exceed those provided, you may incur extra charges for electricity supply.

The HMFD power grid is connected to public supply and therefore can be affected by outside influences.  All exhibitors must supply their own surge protection equipment and regularly save any computer data that may be affected by loss of power.


All exhibitors and site holders must hold their own public liability insurance with an indemnity of not less than $10 million. An exhibitor who chooses not have to this insurance will not be allocated a site. Please supply your policy details on the application form.


Raffles are permitted on sites but it is at the siteholder’s discretion and the raffle must be operated legally and within the confines of the allocated site.


Rubbish removal occurs regularly and all rubbish must be placed in or at the bins near your site for collection.

Prior to the start of the field days cardboard boxes and packaging materials can be folded flat and placed at the front of your site for collection.

If you have any hazardous materials for disposal please contact the HMFD office.


The safety of exhibitors, volunteers and visitors must be of utmost consideration at all times and anyone conducting themselves in a manner dangerous to any of these groups will be asked to leave immediately.

Please be aware of the safety of others when demonstrating, moving or using machines or implements on site.

We recommend you hold on site a fire extinguisher, fire blanket and first aid kit. St John’s Ambulance is on site to provide primary first aid and, if necessary, ambulance transfer to hospital will then take place.


The sale of second hand items is not allowed on any site. With exception to Antiques and Collectables where the dealer holds the necessary permits and licences.


Henty Machinery Field Days site has 24 hour camera surveillance.

A security firm is employed to guard the site before and after the completion of the field days.  Please check with the office for these dates.

If you require their assistance at any time contact the HMFD. Police are available during the opening hours of the event and they are based behind the HMFD office.


The site is available for set-up and dismantling of sites 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, September 1 – October 6, 2017.  All items must be removed from sites by October 6, 2017.

Free unloading facilities and equipment are available in the weeks prior to the field days (Mon-Sat) between 9am & 5pm from 4 September – 6 October 2017 (Exclusion dates apply in this period). Costs will apply outside of these dates.

Cranes and forklifts are not permitted on the site between 8am Tuesday 19 September until 7am Friday 22 September 2017.

All items must be removed from sites by October 6, 2017. Loading of items after this time can only take place with prior arrangement and charges of $80 per hour (or part thereof) during business hours and $160 per hour (or part thereof) outside of business hours may be applied at HMFD’s discretion.


Sheep for demonstrations can be delivered to your site each morning. Please order the sheep on your application form and you will be invoiced accordingly. Please ensure all animals are correctly cared for while on your site. The sheep remain the property of HMFD.


Small square straw bales for display purposes on your site are available. They can be ordered through the application form and you will be invoiced accordingly. They will be placed on your site on the weekend prior to the field days and remain your property.

If you don’t want to take them at the end of the field days, please leave them stacked near the front of your site for collection.


Exhibitors shall not assign, lease, sub-lease, on-sell or part with the possession of the whole or part of the Site without prior written application to HMFD management.

Only displays which have a genuine company link with an exhibitor can be shown on their stand. This means that unless an exhibitor owns, sells or distributes a particular line of product (or service) on a normal, continuing yearlong basis from the principal business house, it cannot be displayed.


Tents and marquees and fittings such as tables, tablecloths and chairs must be ordered through hire companies – as listed in this guide – prior to the field days.

Only exhibitors in the Taylor Wood Pavilion (Country Lifestyle) have tables and chairs included in their site fees.


Telstra 4G digital mobile phone coverage is available throughout the field days site.  Wi-Fi is currently not available.


By accepting a site at Henty Machinery Field Days you agree to pay your site fees and any extra charge incurred in full by 30 April 2017.

If your application is accepted after this date your account must be settle by the due date as per the Trading terms on your initial invoice.

Applications from 2016 exhibitors lodged and paid in full by 30 April 2017 will receive a 3% discount on the site fees only. (This discount does not apply to new exhibitors).

Exhibitors will not be permitted to occupy a site until the payment of site fees has been received in full.

New exhibitors are required to forward a $150 deposit with their application from. No discounts are available for new exhibitors.


Fresh water for exhibits only is available on site. Please see the office to arrange delivery to your site. Quantities above 1000 litres require a separate arrangement and will be charged at $25/1000 litres.