Country Lifestyle program – Wednesday

Wednesday, September 20

9.30am: The process of accessing care – Lutheran Aged Care, Albury

9.45am: Marcela Scheuner – dynamic and explosive circus performance

9.50am: Smudgeless lipstick with Barbara Burton

10am: Flowers with love – Judy Knobel

10.40am: Find your fit, fabric and style – Jo Lucchesi

11am: Fashion parade with garments from Country Lifestyle exhibitors

11.30am: Qualities and uses of lavender – Annemarie Manders

11.45am: How to effectively clean your home with Norwex products

11.55am: The Rural Woman – embracing options for sharing and accessing resources nationally – Rebel Black

12.15pm: Entertainment with Dreamfields artist Emily Jones and presentation of Dreamfields music creation award

12.30pm: Inspiring cooking in every home with Chef’s Tool Box

12.45pm: Unlock the wealthy you! Overcome the barriers to financial freedom – Dianna Jacobsen

1pm: Fashion parade of entries in the 2017 HMFD Natural Fibre Fashion Awards with prize money of almost $6000. Competition to be judged on Thursday.

1.45pm: Roden & Fields – changing skin and changing lives

1.55pm: Guide dogs – their importance and relevance

2.05pm: The highlights of Painpod and how it works – Warner Health Partners

2.15pm: Saving lives through First Aid – St John’s Ambulance

2.30pm: Fashion parade of garments from Country Lifestyle exhibitors

3pm: Snapshot of boarding at Xavier College and its AFL Development program

3.10pm: Small business tax – Vanessa Palmer, H&R Block


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