Depth Charger is complete soil renovation system

The Depth Charger is a Western Australian innovation. Image courtesy Farm Weekly.

A complete soil renovation system with the ability to deep rip down to 750mm is an entry in the Henty Machine of the Year Award.

The Depth Charger is a deep ripper developed by former Western Australian farmer Tim Pannell, of Rocksgone, Welshpool.

It has a fully integrated roller and heavy-duty hydraulic tynes.

The roller is a fundamental part of the machine – not only can it crush the toughest clods and lumps leaving a firm level seedbed, but also carry most of the weight of the machine.

There is some weight on the drawbar to increase traction and make it easier to pull.

The Depth Charger is designed to perform in a wide range of soil conditions, with the result being a trafficable seedbed.

Soft and fluffy soil and its associated problems of accuracy of seed and fertiliser placement, and soil displacement under machinery wheel tracks are avoided.

“This design eliminates the need for wheels,’’ Mr Pannell said.

“For transport, an optional wheel kit can be added, to tow the machine end-on.

“This means the design is not compromised by folding, resulting in a narrow transport width and heavy-duty machine.’’

Attachments are planned for clay delving and topsoil inclusion, so the ripper can be modified to suit individual circumstances.

The tynes have a leading tyne adaptor incorporated to make the ripper easier to pull.

With a breakout of 3000kg, the tynes are spaced at 428mm so they can be fitted to leave 3m controlled traffic tracks un-ripped.

The Depth Charger will be available in three or six metre widths to suit requirements.


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