Stripping bare those body image concerns

Nicky McMillan, of What’s My Style.

Ever had someone comment how tired you looked or are you struggling to wear what suits you?

“The Stripping Stylist’’ will strip bare these concerns and more as part of the Country Lifestyle program at the field days.

Image consultant and stylist, Nicky McMillan, of What’s My Style, works with clients to overcome styling and body image concerns.

Nicky has been on the journey herself, and researched the emotional influence clothes have on how we behave and communicate.

“Contrary to the view that clothes are frivolous pieces of fabric that cover our bits, what we wear can significantly effect our mood, how we relate to our selves and others, and even our biology,’’ she said.

“The other parts of the style puzzle to figure out are dressing to your body shape and proportions, personality and the colours which complement you.

“Once you have nailed this, your inner confidence grows, allowing you to be at your best.’’

To demonstrate this and more, Nicky will strip down while explaining why the many outfits she is wearing are right and wrong, and sharing helpful tips along the way.

“I promise it will be entirely appropriate,’’ she said.

Nicky will speak at Country Lifestyle on 10.40am on the Tuesday, September 19.


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