New fencing straining tool takes headache out of job

The Serca Fence Strainer is great example of Aussie ingenuity and will benefit farmers big and small.

One of the biggest improvements in fencing tools for well over 100 years is an entry in the Henty Machine of the Year Awards.

The Serca Fence Straining Tool has been entered by Rural Innovations in the award.

Rural Innovations is in the business of improving and introducing new technology to the rural and agricultural industries.

By using proven concepts and modern technology in combination with an innovative design, Rural Innovations has developed a tool which addresses common issues associated with one of the toughest and most time consuming tasks in the farming – fencing.

The tool allows wire fences to be tied off in the traditional fashion, without the reliance on special tools or attachments.

It enables fence straining to be completed safely and easily, in a fraction of the time required when using conventional fencing strainers.

Rural Innovations director Richard Fox said the Serca Fence Strainer was simple to use, with the chain permanently connected to the straining mechanism reducing the connections required during the straining process from three to one.

Mr Fox said the estimated time saving on straining a fence was over 50 per cent.

“The strainer uses gears to create a mechanical advantage, reducing the forces required to be exerted by the user when straining a fence by about 50 per cent, and mitigating the need to use a lever that has the ability to spring back and injure the user,’’ he said.

“The smaller size means it can be stored in the glove compartment in a vehicle, in a tool box on a motorbike or in an all-terrain vehicle.

“It can be quickly and easily modified, and used as a tie-down chain, or a light duty winch.

“The in-built tension meter allows the user to strain fences to the correct tension easily and consistently, without the hassle of carrying around an additional tool.’’



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