Multi-purpose tracking trailer not just for the header comb

The Kelly Tracking Trailer can be used to transport header combs, fertiliser, chemical shuttles or hay.

A multi-purpose trailer capable of transporting header combs, liquid fertiliser, chemical shuttles or hay will be judged as part of the Henty Machine of the Year Award.

The South Australian company, Kelly Engineering, has built the Kelly Tracking Trailer with steering front and rear wheels tracking perfectly behind the towing vehicle.

This allows for turning within tighter spaces as the Kelly Engineering team recognise that machinery is getting bigger, and negotiating narrow roads is becoming increasingly difficult.

Developed to transport header combs, the Kelly Tracking Trailer can be used throughout the year for transporting multiple liquid fertiliser, chemical shuttles, hay and a wide range of header fronts.

Kelly Engineering will also have two new disc chains added to its range of patented discs – the revolutionary CL2 Disc Chain and the innovative Spiked Disc Chain.

Strong, light and adaptable, the Kelly Prickle Chain Modules are designed for one-pass applications and have been steadily increasing in popularity across Australia.

Suitable for multiple applications, including incorporating chemicals and fertiliser, the modules also complement mechanical weed control, with the orientation of the spikes preventing residue build-up.

They are also easily adjustable and can be readily fitted to existing machinery.

Kelly Engineering will be at block R, site number 820-821.


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