Seed singulation now a commercial reality in paddock

The Horsch Focus TD is the first machine in Australia to offer seed singulation for cereals and canola.

Lowering seeding rates to reduce costs is now a real option with the release of the Horsch Focus TD offering seed singulation – an Australian first.

The German manufactured strip-drill seeder is an entry in the Henty Machine of the Year Awards by Australian distributor, Muddy River Agricultural, of Echuca, Vic.

The Horsch singulator is an electrically-driven module which is adaptable to air seeders, eliminating the need for the conventional vacuum-style planters.

According to Horsch, the singulator will enable broadacre farmers to singulate wheat, barley, canola and most other cereal crops with a dispensing rate of up to over 100 seeds per second.

“With the high price for hybrid seed, farmers want to lower seed rates to reduce costs and for broadacre farmers, singulating is now a real option with our module,’’ Horsch principal Michael Horsch said.

Singulation refers to the way the meter takes one seed at a time off the disc and drops it down the seed tube.

In Western Australian trials at Tammin, the TD demonstrated its precision with canola rates set as low as 20 seeds per square metre or 800 grams a hectare.

The new Horsch Focus TD provides no-till farming with increased yield stability through targeted fertiliser placement.

The Focus offers the advantage of cost saving combined with a low power demand – only the area of soil is cultivated where the seed will be placed.

A universal machine, it can be used after ploughing, for mulching or no-till farming.

The TD combines the Focus and the Pronto sowing technology, loosening the soil in strips, removing stubble residue from the seed and root area, and setting up fertiliser placement.

The Pronto principal combines cultivation, fertiliser, sowing and pressing in one single pass.

The first section comprises two rows of spring breakout Terragrip tynes, which can dig to 40cm with a breakout pressure of 800kg.

These draft and trash-friendly tynes are equipped with low or ultra-low disturbance points to provide soil loosening below the seedbed.

An adjustable fertiliser boot gives three options for fertiliser placement – all the fertiliser at the bottom of the trench, all at the top, or a 50-50 split of top and bottom.

The TD can be set on row spacings of 30cm for canola and row crops and 15cm for cereals.

The Horsch Focus TD can be seen at Muddy River Agricultural’s site at Henty at 1006-1009 in Block S.





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